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You may not have “substance addiction” or a formal diagnosis, but you know that the life you are living is not the life you want. Maybe not everything is bad, but you know things could be better.

Why This Site

To help you, yourself & others

Save Yourself,
Save a Stranger

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Share your story, help others who need a mentor, pay forward the help that you received and connect with people to create national and local groups which listen, and support those in need walk the path of sobriety and success.

Honor Someone Who Saved You or Others

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Most people have had a stranger, a friend, co-worker, family member or loved one help them evolve and overcome adversity. Honor them with a Tribute that speaks to their memory of how they helped make it a better world.

Learn to Spot Addiction

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Addiction is insidious and takes many forms, controlling people in different, often subtle, ways. Understanding the signs will help you recognize it in others, and maybe yourself.

Understand Treatment Options

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There is a path to health, happiness and stability for everyone. Learn about some of the options for clean living and a good future today.

Live With Sobriety

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Each day is new, and good habits walk us down the path of freedom and control.

Make A Difference

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You are here, and you matter so take positive action and make a good change. Share what hurts, share what has helped, shout it for the world to hear. Share.

You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired, and you need help finding your way forward.

Connect with others who can help; many people have overcome their addiction and share their experience and success.

Use of Site

A Community of Support
You and others are the engine of knowledge, experience and positive solutions. People sharing their stories, building hope, and creating groups to help guide each other through the challenges of life.
Help understanding addiction, its symptoms, causes and cures can be found within the content of this site. In the community most of the information is written by others just like you.
If you’re not sure whether or not you or someone you know has an addiction, know you aren’t the only alone and find help today.
Anyone can be addicted to something, it doesn’t matter who they are, and it doesn’t always look that way.

Drug addiction has no prejudice. It doesn’t matter what social status one has, what race they are, nothing - it affects everyone and anyone. Addiction can happen just like that or it can take months or even years to develop. Often making it harder to see in loved ones.

More severe drug and substance addiction situations can be easier to spot, but those who have an issue to a lesser degree are more subtle and difficult to detect. Thankfully, there are ways to recognize abuse, even in the most elusive addicts.

Your Privacy Is Protected and Respected

Anonymity is important and everyone should choose when and how their personal information is used. When you sign up to this site your personal information is encrypted and not sold to anyone. We respect your privacy, please see our policy for more information.
Joining our community is easy. Meet people who can help you. Read about the lives people live, the challenges they faced and how they overcame adversity.
People who care and share similar experiences live everywhere, some are probably near you.

You can turn your life around today.

You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired, and you need help finding your way forward.